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"I thought they were a joke when I first saw them. Then I saw them being used at Wolforth's and gradually changed my opinion. Having seen the gains my son's made in the Wolforth world, I can't see a pitcher being complete without one.

Who can find a catcher? You'd think catchers are the laziest people on the planet....”

Kevin Daniels – parent

“I work with professional pitchers all the way down to 9 year olds just starting out. The Pitching Pad is an exceptional tool for every level. I can tell you that since I've been using Paige Bishop's Pitching Pad, I know I will never again work with pitchers without having it in my tool box. When I first received it, while excited, I was not expecting much from it. I couldn't have been more wrong. My staff and pitchers find new ways every week to utilize The Pad. I have long believed the single greatest teacher in the history of man has been trial and error with immediate, relevant and objective feedback. The Pitching Pad delivers that in spades. I am constantly asked to endorse products and I rarely do. I give The Pitching Pad my highest recommendation. It is an awesome tool.”

Ron Wolforth Owner - Texas Baseball Ranch - www.texasbaseballranch.com - CEO Pitching Central

“I have found the pitching pad to be a solid product for a number of reasons. First and foremost is its durability and flexibility. Durable enough to withstand pitch after pitch and versatile enough to be taken anywhere and used in any throwing drill your imagination can take you.
Giving lessons while catching a pitcher is an affront to our profession. Who can really teach mechanics or proper movement while attempting to catch a thrown ball? While I like to utilize a catcher as often as possible the pitching pad can provide instant feedback, be utilized anywhere and first and foremost allow you, the teacher, to do what clients are paying you for...teach with the confidence that your attention is on the student, not in catching a thrown ball.
Solid, simple, convenient and necessary for the serious student and teacher.”

Brent Strom - Houston Astros Pitching Coach - www.brentstrom.com

“Throwers love it, and so do I. It even seems to hold up well when catching 7oz balls and basketballs.”

Phil Donley - MS, PT, ATC, NATA Hall of Fame Former Consultant - Philadelphia Phillies

“The Target Pad has been a crucial tool in my off season preparation. Command is absolutely critical in professional baseball. The Target Pad has helped me develop my command to a level I didn't even know I was capable of achieving. I had a great time throwing to the targets and working my way down to smaller and smaller targets. The Target Pad is like a real life pitching video game. Time just flew by as I was consumed by the process. I will be taking the Target Pad with me to Spring Training and use it in my season to stay sharp between outings.”

Jeremy Gould - Chicago Illinois

"I was first introduced to the Target Pad at Ron Wolforth's Baseball Ranch; and from that day I was hooked. The Target Pad is one of the best tools I have ever used to prepare my mind, body, and arm for the upcoming season. With its multiple sized Pads, it's really like a video game for pitchers. These movable targets allow me to customize my workout like never before. All it takes is me and a couple of baseballs. So no more waiting on, looking for, or listening to catchers complain about long bullpen sessions. I just grab my target pad and get to work...real work. I feel that this is one of the best tools I have ever seen to train pitchers to throw hard with velocity and command."

Ricky Bowen - Jasper Alabama

“The Pitching Pad is an ideal practice tool for serious baseball and softball pitchers.

Fact 1: You can either find a way or you can find an excuse, but you can’t do both.

Fact 2: Sometimes it’s easier to find a way when you can afford to buy products that clearly show the route.

There is no more important mental skill than focus, and there is no more important achievement than learning. Pitchers will not learn if they are not picking out a small target and then noticing if they hit it or not (and by how much and in what direction they missed it). The Pitching Pad obviously and intuitively makes focus and learning easy for pitchers.”

Coach Aaron Weintraub - Mental Skills Coach and Author www.coachtraub.com

“The Target Pad has been a phenomenal addition to my off season throwing program. I realize that command will be crucial in my ability to move up in levels in professional baseball. The Target Pad allows me to throw flat ground and bullpens when a catcher is unavailable. With the assistance of the varying size of the targets, the pad forces me to really concentrate instead of simply throwing and going through the motions. The targets constantly challenge me slightly beyond my present capability so that I'm always challenging my current abilities. On top of all that, the tool has been a lot of fun to use and it will definitely be a tool that I will take with me where ever I go.”

Kevin Cravey - Spring Texas

“We attended Ron Wolforth's Baseball Ranch and I discovered the Pitching Pad. We had a bunch of Freshmen and Sophomores who attended the "Boot Camp",none throwing over 80mph or throwing strikes consistently. The Pitching Pad has solved all of that. We now have guys that are mid to upper 80's and have envisioned THROWING AT NUMBERS AND COLORS.

Our wristbands that have coach to catcher signals, now have the Numbers and Colors of the Pitch Pad. I strongly recommend the pad.

The Customer Sevice is first class as well.”

D Wayne Grenfell - Head Baseball Coach - East Ascension High School

"Amazing prices. Fast and efficient delivery. Courteous customer service. You’re not gonna find another Online Sporting Goods Store with such a great selection of products and dedicated team. I’ll definitely be shopping with The Pitching Pad again soon.” “Amazing prices. Fast and efficient delivery. Courteous customer service. You’re not gonna find another Online Sporting Goods Store with such a great selection of products and dedicated team. I’ll definitely be shopping with The Pitching Pad again soon."

Payton Hillman

Thank you for give the China team pitching pad, this is good stuff to help the player to develop control the ball, we pitcher really like it.

非常感谢你让中国棒球队使用投手板,这是一个很好的训练方法,能够很好地提高投 手的控球能力,我们的投手非常喜欢使用。

Yi Sheng - Senior Coach - World Baseball Classic - Team China

“The Pitching Pad has helped us be more consistent with locating pitches. The more we have used it the better we have gotten. The Pad also saves us time by freeing up our catchers so they can take live bullpens and work on their fundamentals. The pitchers throwing on the side or doing flat work can use The Pad to help them train at a high level while my catchers are taking live bullpens.

Coach Joe Castillo - Former Head Baseball Coach - Schreiner University

“I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much we are enjoying the Pitching Pad. The educational as well as practical use of the pad has been put to good use in our facility. We have already seen much improvement in our command and it is a lot more fun.”

Coach Sal Lombardo - Manager & Founder, Orlando Scorpions - www.orlandoscorpions.com - President, Next Level Baseball Education, L.L.C - www.thenextlevelbaseball.com - Co-Founder & Board Member, Florida Collegiate Summer League - www.floridaleague.com

“The pitching pad is a great training tool for baseball players of any age or ability level. It is easy to set up and easy to use and doesn't require a catcher for feedback; you get it instantly yourself. It not only will improve your accuracy, it will help you polish your tools and be able to transfer those to actual game situations. I would recommend this product for anyone who wants to improve their pitching staff, lower the amount of walks and ERA, and become a more accurate pitcher.”

Eric Jupe - Brandeis High School Baseball Coach - San Antonio 14th Round Draft Pick - Florida Marlins

“We have used the pitching pad and found it to be very useful in developing control for pitchers at our level and really at any level. The key to pitching is throwing strikes and this is a very good tool. It allows pitchers to throw to different spots and the key is you can make it competitive which makes it interesting while you work.”

Lance Brown - Former TCU Head Coach - 1986-2003

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