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The ALL NEW Target Pad includes an exclusive instructional DVD from Ron Wolforth.

This new training system was designed by Coach Wolforth and built by the makers of the Pitching Pad.

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The back of the unit cleverly provides 2 vertical strips of Velcro to help store the circles when not in use.

The all new Target Pad uses Velcro and removable targeting circles of descending sizes.

There is one set of red circles and one set of white circles to provide the players and coaches an infinite number of training options.

The player can start out with the largest circle set (20 inches), and as they improve, they can work all the way down to the smallest and most difficult circle set (4 inches).

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$199.95 + Shipping

Each unit will include a special instructional DVD provided by Ron Wolforth himself!!

This is truly a complete system.

Pick yours up today.

Purchaseyour Target Pad today!

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Winner of the

2011 “Best of Show” Award at the ABCA Convention in Nashville awarded by Collegiate Baseball

“The Target Pad has been a crucial tool in my off season preparation. Command is absolutely critical in professional baseball.  The Target Pad has helped me develop my command to a level I didn't even know I was capable of achieving. I had a great time throwing to the targets and working my way down to smaller and smaller targets. The Target Pad is like a real life pitching video game. Time just flew by as I was consumed by the process. I will be taking the Target Pad with me to Spring Training and use it in my season to stay sharp between outings.”


Jeremy Gould

Chicago Illinois

Pitcher, New York Metropolitans Organization

“The Target Pad has been a phenomenal addition to my off season throwing program. I realize that command will be crucial in my ability to move up in levels in professional baseball. The Target Pad allows me to throw flat ground and bullpens when a catcher is unavailable. With the assistance of the varying size of the targets, the pad forces me to really concentrate instead of simply throwing and going through the motions. The targets constantly challenge me slightly beyond my present capability so that I'm always challenging my current abilities. On top of all that, the tool has been a lot of fun to use and it will definitely be a tool that I will take with me where ever I go.”

Kevin Cravey

Spring Texas

Pitcher, Florida Marlins Organization

"I was first introduced to the Target Pad at Ron Wolforth's Baseball Ranch; and from that day I was hooked. The Target Pad is one of the best tools I have ever used to prepare my mind, body, and arm for the upcoming season. With its multiple sized Pads, it's really like a video game for pitchers. These movable targets allow me to customize my workout like never before. All it takes is me and a couple of baseballs. So no more waiting on, looking for, or listening to catchers complain about long bullpen sessions. I just grab my target pad and get to work...real work. I feel that this is one of the best tools I have ever seen to train pitchers to throw hard with velocity and command."

Ricky Bowen

Jasper Alabama

Pitcher- Cincinnati Reds Organization

Purchaseyour Target Pad today!

Purchaseyour Target Pad today!

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