iPhone and Android apps now available!!! See below... iPhone and Android apps now available!!! See below... iPhone and Android apps now available!!! See below...
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The Pitching Pad


The Travel Pad

“Perfect Pitches through  Perfect Practice”

The Professional Pitching System

The Pitching Pad is a revolutionary pitcher training aid that takes learning back to the basics. It is not just another screen or tarp; it is a complete, pitcher training system. By using the TRAINING MATERIALS provided, The Pitching Pad is able to rapidly increase the productivity and quality of training. The Pitching Pad is also made of some of the highest quality materials, so it will last, pitch after pitch. There is no other product on the market today that can match the versatility and usefulness of

The Pitching Pad.

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The Target Pad

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Approximate Dimensions of The Pitching Pads: 65” Tall x 43” Wide x 4” Thick* (*Original Pitching Pad)   -   SCREEN NOT INCLUDED

Great for ALL AGES

For Baseball or Softball

Players can practice alone

Simple familiar graphic - the face of a clock

Very basic to very advanced training

Easy to set-up and easy to use - from the backyard to the ball field

Weather resistant and lightweight

Aids in development of new pitches

Great for rehabilitation or struggling pitchers

Who uses The Pitching Pad?

The Pitching Pad app is now available for purchase in the iTunes app store and the Android Market. This app tracks pitch counts, charts pitches, and gives the player all of the stats they are looking for when trying to improve their accuracy. Click on the respective link above to find out more.

*for use with The Pitching Pad and The Travel Pad

Purchaseyour PitchingPad today!

US Patent Number: 7,931,547